The management of the Association is entrusted to an Executive Committee which is comprised of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer plus four additional members all of whom are members of the Association.

The present members of the Executive Committee are as follows (from the AGM on 14 December 2016):

President Cassandra Powell          (Contact Details)
Vice-President Victor Murray              (Contact Details)
Secretary Tammy Jennissen
Treasurer Jane Fleming  /Trinda Blackmore  (Contact Details)
Committee Member Sheraim Mascal
Committee Member Brian Eden
Committee Member Martin Byrne
Committee Member Don Ebanks
Committee Member Trinda Blackmore
Committee Member  Gary Butler
 Committee Member  Ebony Myles-Berry
 Committee Member Eduardo D’Angelo P Silva


Quick News

The Cayman Islands Directors Association formed 17 March 2008, temporary executive committee appointed.
First AGM held 27th May 2008, 103 founding members appoint executive committee for the ensuing year.
19th June 2008, Tim Ridley, Chairman of CIMA addresses membership at association luncheon.