*Successful event held*

The Cayman Islands Directors Association (“CIDA”) held their Educational Day on 13 October 2022. The presenters and the topics discussed included:

8.00am Registration and breakfast
8.30am Opening remarks from Chairman Victor Murray – President of CIDA
Topic 1 –
Karen Stephen-Dalton, acting Director Financial Services/ Alfred Tweneboah, Senior Policy Advisor/Andrea Proctor, Director, Regulatory Affairs Unit
Current Regulatory/Policy Initiatives from the Financial Services and Regulatory Affairs Unit
Topic 2 –
Deloitte – Michael Green
Liquidation and Restructuring Officer Regime session
10.10-11.00 Coffee break
11.00-11.45 Topic 3 – Auditors Update EY – Baron Jacob
Topic 4 – CIMA’s proposed regulatory measures on corporate governance and internal controls
Walkers – Andrew Howarth
12.40-2.00 Lunch
2.00-2.40 Topic 5 – Keep Calm and Carry On: Wisdom for Directors During Market Extremes Liberty Wealth Partners – Georgie Loxton
Topic 6 – Understanding the new enforcement and
Maples – Patrick Head & Anthony Mourginos
inspection measures undertaken by Cayman Regulators
3.30-3.50 Coffee break
Topic 7 – The Art of Quitting: Everything you need to know about director resignations
Campbells – Liam Faulkner
4.30/5.00 Cocktails West Indian Wine Company