The Cayman Islands Directors Association is an association of individuals who hold office as directors of one or more Cayman Islands registered companies. In addition, the applicant must be resident in the Cayman Islands.

In order to apply, in addition to being a director of a Cayman Islands company, you must:

a) be an employee of a Cayman financial services company licensed by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority or

b) be an individual whose membership application is sponsored by at least two existing CIDA members.

Please CLICK HERE for our Memorandum and Articles of Association. Please refer to Article 5 for qualification for membership requirements. 

The fees for membership are CI$50 for processing the application and CI$125 per annum subscription (a total of CI$175 upon acceptance of the application). Fees are payable after the application is approved and within one month of being accepted as a member. Fees for membership are billed on a calendar year basis and are not pro-rated for partial year membership.

Persons wishing to join the Association should download an application form from the document section below and send to