November 12, 2015

UPDATE: We are pleased to announce that we have 24 candidates attend this 3 day course. Their assessments and other information is currently under consideration by Chartered Secretaries Canada for the possible award of Acc. Dir.

September 10, 2015

The Cayman Islands Directors Association (CIDA) is pleased to announce that they will be running the Directors Accreditation Course this year.  It is run in conjunction with the Institute of Chartered Secretaries Canada with the instructors coming from Canada.

The course materials will be available in advance of the course so that the attendee can prepare for the three day interactive sessions. Upon the successful completion of the course the attendee will be able to use the letters “Acc. Dir.” for Accredited Director after their name. The course is aimed at providing further education to Directors in the field of corporate governance and is of benefit to experienced directors and those wishing to gain further insight into corporate governance. 


The course will be held at the boardroom in Governor’s Square on 21, 22 & 23rd October 2015 and it will run from 9 am to 5 pm each day with lunch provided by CIDA. The contribution towards the course by CIDA members will be US$1,000 with CIDA paying the remainder of the expenses. This represents a substantial discount to the cost of taking the course in Canada with the Institute of Chartered Secretaries.  


CIDA invites members who are interested in attending the course should complete the attached form and send it to  for consideration. 

 (Click here for the application form)

Please note that the course numbers are strictly limited and they will be offered to CIDA members first and thereafter the course may be opened to non-members if there are places remaining.  The fee for Non-members will be US$1,250.


Payment can be made either by cheque or bank transfer as noted below:


By cheque:


The Treasurer,


P.O. Box 32311

Grand Cayman



Bank Transfer:


Bank of Butterfield CI$ account number 02201-038828 or US$ account number 01101-038828.


*Please indicate your name and “DEAP Sept 2015” on whichever payment method.

Course Outline:

  • Governance

o    What is corporate governance

o    Directors and the board

o    Directors and management

o    The board and shareholders

  • Financial Disclosure and Reporting

o    Financial objectives

o    Accounting concepts and financial statements

o    Financial management

o    Ratio analysis

o    Financial disclosures

  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

o    The ERM Revolution

o    ERM definition and conceptual framework

o    ERM language, measures, models and tools

o    ERM case studies

o    Practical considerations in implementing ERM

  • Strategy

o    Introducing strategy

o    Strategic management

o    Rational model

o    Emergent strategy

o    Strategic management in different contexts