The Cayman Islands Directors Association (“CIDA”) is pleased to announce that we will be running the Directors Accreditation Course again this year. It is run in conjunction with the Chartered Governance Institute of Canada (“CGIC”) (formerly Institute of Chartered Secretaries Canada), with the instructors presenting virtually via Zoom from Canada. The course will run from 9 am to 5 pm each day.

The course materials will be available in advance of the course so that the attendee can prepare for the three days of interactive virtual sessions. Upon successful completion of the course, the attendee will be able to use the letters “Acc. Dir.” for Accredited Director after their name. The course is aimed at providing further education to Directors in the field of corporate governance and is of benefit to experienced directors and those wishing to gain further insight into corporate governance.

This year’s course will be held virtually via Zoom from the 22nd-24th of November 2021 and the fourth day, 25th November will be held in person and will consist of presentations on key industry topics by local presenters and will be open to the wider CIDA membership.

The sessions are currently scheduled as follows:

•  Governance (via Zoom) – Nov. 22nd
•  Finance (via Zoom) – Nov. 23rd
•  Risk/Strategy (via Zoom) – Nov. 24th
•  Local presenters (in person) – Nov. 25th

CIDA invites those who are interested in attending the course to visit CGIC’s website for further information on the program: Directors’ Education and Accreditation Program.

The application form can be found [NOW FULL] (if you are unable to access the fillable form you may download a PDF [NOW FULL] but this is not preferred)

The contribution towards the course by CIDA members will be US$900 with CIDA paying the remainder of the expenses. This represents a substantial discount to the cost of taking the course in Canada with the Chartered Governance Institute of Canada. The fee for the course for Non-members will be US$1,100.

Please note that the course numbers are strictly limited, and they will be offered on a first to register and pay basis.